Protection — Handwoven in Morocco

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Dimensions: 8'1 x 5'1"  

This Taznkht rug was handwoven by a creative female artisan of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Nearly six months of love was poured into this rug on the loom. For her, weaving is a form of creative expression. Every carpet she weaves has a story to tell. 

The focal point of this piece is The Eye which symbolizes protection against the evil eye.  The symbols adorning the edge of the rug represent the region and the family the weaver belongs to. It's her signature after months of work on this beautiful piece. 

Taznkht carpets are of the highest quality in Morocco. They are known for increasing in value as they age and with proper care will last for generations to come. They are 90% wool and 10% cotton, with the wool being sourced directly from the sheep of the Taznkht region. 

This piece is reversible with a knotted backside. The end of the weave is finished with tassels, while the other side represents the beginning of the weave. 

Your purchase directly supports the female artisans and their villages in Morocco. 

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Only one available. Please email us at if you'd like to design and custom order your own Taznkht rug.

Imperfection is embraced in Moroccan weaving. We ensure every piece of the Habibi Handwoven collection is high quality and we celebrate the unique imperfections in handwoven textiles.