Nomad — Glaoui Moroccan Runner

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This Glaoui rug was handwoven by a creative female artisan of the Ouarzazate region in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. For her, weaving is a form of creative expression. Every carpet she weaves has a story to tell through color, design and symbolism.  

The intricate design of this piece is colored with natural spices including saffron, cherry, indigo and peppermint. Glaoui rugs embody the nomadic spirit. They often second as a bag for nomads with their fringes along the side knotted to create a bag that's transported over a mule. 

Glaoui carpets are recognized for their combination of three weaving methods — flat weaving, knotting and embroidery. These techniques produce intricate detail and texture and are handwoven with 100% wool. 

This piece is reversible with the backside featuring a second color palette and design for two looks. The end of the weave is finished with tassels, while the other side represents the beginning of the weave. 

Your purchase directly supports the female artisans and their villages in Morocco. 

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Only one available. Please email us at if you'd like to design and custom order your own Glaoui rug. 


Imperfection is embraced in Moroccan weaving. We ensure every piece of the Habibi Handwoven collection is high quality and celebrate the unique imperfections in handwoven textiles.